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Using the Libraries

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Because the library is dedicated to providing better patron service, we are installing (Smart Access Manager) to make it easier than ever for you to utilize our computers including access to the Internet. 

provides solutions for common problems associated with public access to library computers; such as waiting in line and sign-up sheets. You can easily reserve a computer while in the library and quickly view which computers are available, reserved and in-use. You can sign up for a PC at any sign up station or with our staff at any service desk. If the computers are not busy you can easily log into an available computer using your library card number and pin.

We now also have a number of express internet computers that allow fifteen minutes of use without sign up. If you're in a hurry to check email try an express machine. There are also designated library catalog only computers to guarantee that you will always be able to search for your favorite library materials.

is designed to work with your library card. If you don't have a library card you may register for one at the checkout desk with a picture ID showing your current address or a picture ID and other proof of current address. See all of our information about Library Cards. If you don't want a library card you may register for a free computer use card with just your picture ID.

makes printing and paying for your prints easy. Go to the Payment Machine or any service desk to add a credit to your card using cash or coins. When printing will show the number of pages, the cost per page, the total cost and your current balance. By approving the print job will deduct the charge from your card balance and send your document to the printer. Color printing is available for 75¢ per page while black and white printing still costs 10¢ per page.

is here to make using the public computers quick and convenient. If you have questions or suggestions please talk with a staff member.

See our Internet Access Policy for more information on using the internet at Spartanburg County Public Libraries.

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