Amnesty Week, October 17-23, 2010

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What is an Amnesty Program?

It is an opportunity to return any overdue Spartanburg County Public Libraries’ item without paying overdue fees. There is no limit on the number of items you can return or the amount of existing overdue fees. Regardless of whether it is late by one day or 125 years, the Library will not charge overdue fees as long as the item is returned in good condition and you bring canned goods for donation to local charities. Items returned in poor condition may be subject to replacement charges.

Why an Amnesty?

The Spartanburg County Public Libraries realizes the need for library services during these times of economic hardship. Public libraries are needed more than ever in times of economic stress for Internet access and information on practical issues of self-education, resume and job preparation, and more. Libraries are also needed to help reduce stress through movies, books, and other entertainment options. Yet, many citizens in our community are not able to use the Libraries because of overdue fees or because they have items that are long overdue. As a part of our 125th Anniversary celebration, we want to give everyone in the community an opportunity to alleviate these barriers and return to using our services. We also hope to get lots of materials back into circulation for use by the entire community.

As an added benefit to our communities, we will be collecting canned goods for local soup kitchens and other charitable organizations that help those in need. Simply bring in a canned or non-perishable food item and you will receive amnesty for all overdue fees. Food donated during the Amnesty period will go to a charity in the same community where it is donated.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who has an overdue fee or an overdue item is eligible for amnesty. Bring canned goods inside to the checkout desk of your local library branch and we will clear your overdue fees regardless of the amount or how long the items are overdue.

Who is not eligible?

Anyone who has lost or damaged items that belong to the Libraries would not be eligible for amnesty. If you have lost or damaged an item that belongs to the Spartanburg County Public Libraries, the replacement cost of the item would need to be paid before borrowing privileges can be restored.

How long does this amnesty last?

As a part of our 125th Anniversary celebration, we will grant amnesty on overdue items and fees from October 17, 2010 through October 23, 2010. This is a one-time event and items must be returned, or amnesty on existing overdue fees requested, during this time period in order to be eligible.

How do I know if I have overdue items or fees?

  1. Look at the due date on the receipt that came with your items. If the date due is before today’s date, your items are overdue.
  2. Go to and use the “my account” feature of the catalog to check the status of your account. Any overdue items or fees will be listed there.
  3. Call your local library branch, give them your library card number, and ask them to check your account for overdue items or fees.

How do I return my items or get my overdue fees waived?

Simply bring your overdue items and canned goods for charity to the checkout desk at any branch library and tell them you want amnesty for your overdue fees. Items returned in the dropbox are not eligible for amnesty.

Can the amnesty apply to fines on items I returned before the amnesty?

Yes. If you have already returned your items and just want to get your overdue fees cleared, bring canned goods to any branch library and ask for amnesty for your overdue fees.

Does this affect paying for lost books, DVDs, etc.?

No. Replacement of lost Spartanburg County Public Libraries’ items remains your responsibility. So does replacing items returned in such poor condition they cannot be returned to the shelves.

What happens if I don’t return overdue items during the amnesty?

Beginning October 24, 2010, fines will accumulate as usual for every day overdue. We will not clear fees on items returned after the Amnesty period.

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