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About Historical Digital Collections

The Spartanburg County Public Libraries Digitization Program creates digital collections of local history materials from the Kennedy Room of Local and South Carolina History and Cleveland Genealogical Department and makes them available:
  • to enhance local history and genealogical research;
  • to increase access to its holdings;
  • to promote lifelong learning by the citizens of Spartanburg, South Carolina and the public at large.

Through the use of appropriate technological standards, the Libraries endeavor to preserve, encourage use of, and facilitate access to its digital collections.

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Individual Collections

front of Henneman letter

Letter from Former Mayor Henneman

John A. Henneman mailed this letter from Spartanburg to his cousin Balser Weber in Centre County, Pennsylvania on February 26, 1861. He was expecting that Fort Sumter would soon be bombarded. Henneman served in the Civil War as second lieutenant in Co. E, Holcombe Legion. He was the owner of a jewelry store in Spartanburg after the war. In 1889 Henneman became mayor of Spartanburg. He was later killed in a domestic dispute when summoning a policeman. View entire letter and transcript

Camp Croft Soldiers 

William Lynch Postcard Collection

This online collection of postcards currently contains 291 cards. These 291 cards represent only a small portion of the collection.  The entire collection of postcards, generously loaned by William Lynch to the Libraries in order to be digitized, consists of approximately 1,500 cards and will be displayed online in its entirety over the coming weeks. More...
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Daniel Morgan statue

Herald-Journal Willis Collection

This collection of over 400 historical photographs was donated by the Herald-Journal in 1999. Most of the photographs were taken by Alfred Tennyson Willis, a Spartanburg commercial photographer, and date from the early 1900s to the 1940s. Alfred’s son Robert Henry (Bob) Willis, also a photographer, took many of the later photographs in the collection after his father’s death in 1945. More...
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street portrait, girl in field 

Selections from the Willis Collection

Selections from the Willis Collection, photographs by brothers Alfred and Henry Willis. These images were discovered in 2003 by Elizabeth Willis Fowler, the daughter of Alfred Willis. The original negatives were cleaned and digitally scanned by Steve Fincher Photography. The negatives and digital files were given to the Spartanburg County Public Libraries for storage and preservation. More...
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Camp Croft Soldiers 

Selections from World War II Camp Croft Photographs of Joseph Peter Pizzimenti

These photographs of Camp Croft were taken by Joseph Peter Pizzimenti who was from Detroit, Michigan. He was a musician in the jazz and marching bands at Camp Croft from 1941 until early 1945. He had permission to carry a camera on base and used the darkroom on base to do his work. More...
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Camp Croft Soldiers 

Selections from the Bradford Scrapbook Collection

The photographs by Randy Bradford from this collection of historical Spartanburg images are from the decade of the 1940s. Bradford recorded important events, political leaders, and visiting celebrities. His photographs also depict the everyday life and interests of Spartans from this era. More...
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