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To fulfill its mission of enriching and improving with ideas and information, the Spartanburg County Public Libraries provide access to an extensive range of resources available through the Internet. The Library has established this policy to ensure responsible and appropriate use of the Internet within the Library’s facilities.

Rights & Responsibilities of Users

The Library cannot be held liable for the content of any Internet site. Individual users must exercise judgment in evaluating the validity and appropriateness of information retrieval via the Internet, and must assume personal responsibility for its use. The Internet enables access to a wealth of valuable and reliable information from a variety of sources. However, it also provides access to information that may be inaccurate, controversial, illegal, personally offensive to the viewer, or inappropriate for children. The Library may employ filtering software to exercise its traditional role of selecting information sources which are consistent with its mission.

Since some Internet sites may be inappropriate for viewing in a public setting, users should exercise discretion in consideration of the rights of others. While the Spartanburg County Public Libraries uphold users’ rights to privacy and confidentiality in their use of all library resources, the nature of electronic resources makes it impossible to guarantee these rights.

Children's Use

The Library affirms the responsibility of parents to determine the appropriateness of Internet resources for their children. Parents are strongly encouraged to supervise their children’s Internet use, as Library staff cannot assume this responsibility. The Internet provides access to valuable educational and informational resources for children and youth, who are expected to abide by this policy.

Conditions & Terms of Use

Internet workstation users must behave in accordance with the Library’s Behavior and Due Process Policy.

The Library may establish sign-up procedures and time limits for use of the Internet workstations, and some workstations may be earmarked for specific purposes.

Library staff will assist Internet users in a manner consistent with other Library services. The availability of staff and needs of other Library users will necessarily affect the extent of assistance to patrons using the Internet.

Users may print or download according to the posted procedures.

Users May Not:

Bypass or disable the Library's web filtering software or instruct or demonstrate to another user how to bypass the Library's web filtering software.

Damage or attempt to damage equipment, alter or attempt to alter software configurations.

Attempt to gain unauthorized access to or cause disruption of the Library’s or any other computer system.

Violate copyright laws or software licensing agreements.

Send or display within public view obscene or offensive images, messages or files (as defined by S.C. Code 16-15-305).

Violate state, Federal, or local laws or regulations.

Use their own software or diskettes to download or install software on the Internet workstations.

Penalties for Policy Violations:

Violations of this policy may result in loss of Internet access or other Library privileges. Unlawful acts are subject to prosecution by local, state and federal authorities.

APPROVED 9/16/01
rev. 11/16/06

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