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Carolina Spartan/Spartanburg Herald Death Index

This is a listing of death notices that appeared in the Carolina Spartan and Spartanburg Herald newspapers, roughly between 1849 and 1893.  Some months and editions of these newspapers no longer exist, along with the years 1852, 1865 and 1877-78.  The names are listed alphabetically by surname, and the date indicated is the day on which the death appeared in the newspaper, along with the page number on which it appeared.  The abbreviation "CS" stands for Carolina Spartan, and "SH" stands for Spartanburg Herald.

This information originally was indexed by library staff and volunteers many years ago.  Unfortunately, many errors were found, and the Kennedy Room staff took on the task of re-indexing these newspapers.  This new index is much more complete and accurate.  However, since it is a compilation of the old and new indexes, some errors still may exist.  If you find an error, please let a Kennedy Room staff member know, and we will try to correct it.

Please be aware that 19th century newspapers did not list obituaries in the way they are published today.  A death could be listed anywhere in the newspaper, although in the later years of the 19th century, there often was a heading for death notices.  Even when such a heading appeared, though, there still could be deaths listed elsewhere in that edition.  Also, the type often is very fine and the editions are in varying degrees of quality, so finding and being able to read a death notice can be challenging.

You will note that death notices for married women often did not list their given names.  Instead they used their married names, i.e. Mrs. John Smith instead of Mary Smith.  The names were indexed as they appeared in the newspaper.  The death notice may provide further information to determine if this is the woman you seek, if it is unclear.

If you find a name listed in this index and would like to read the death notice, you will find the newspapers on microfilm in two locations.   The Carolina Spartan microfilm is kept in the microfilm cabinet in the Kennedy Room, and a staff member there will be happy to assist you with it.  The Spartanburg Herald microfilm is kept in the microfilm cabinet in the Periodicals Department, across the atrium from the Kennedy Room, and this department also is staffed.

Please let a Kennedy Room staff member know if you need further help with this index.

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Last Updated: 30 Jun 2015