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Federal Government

Census Bureau has an extensive set of topics to browse (such as education, religion, and transportation) as well as the latest data and historical census data.  Their American FactFinder page has a US population clock, data sets, community fact sheets that can be browsed by city, county,  state, or zip code, and much more.

The IRS's official website has downloadable tax forms, and answers to tax questions for individual citizens, small businesses, charities, and more.  There is also news, information about the Freedom of Information Act, tax statistics, and information about the IRS and its mission.  En Español.
Citizenship and Immigration Services  site has forms to apply for US citizenship, lists of immigration laws, services, and programs.  You can also check the status of your case online in English or en Español and there is a toll free number to call for more information. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is home to the original Declaration of Independence, the US  Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, and there are high-quality digital reproductions of each here.  There are congressional records, links to presidential libraries, the federal register, and thousands of historical texts.  There are also helpful pages for genealogists and veterans, and much more.


CQ Press is "a free, nonpartisan, authoritative source on pivotal issues shaping today's world of politics."  Current events in national politics such as terrorism or Supreme Court nominations are covered in-depth, with links to many related articles and to free websites.  Great site for students and anyone else interested in getting all the facts about important issues facing our country. This site provides information on the The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.  The website provides access to current developments and information for the public to monitor the progress of the stimulus package.
FedStats  This site organizes official statistical data by topic, agency, and geographic location.  It has statistics on a wide range of topics (e.g. "common cold" statistics, highway safety statistics, small business statistics, etc.) makes research more accessible to the public.  The site offers a compilation of information from 10 government agencies and 14 scientific and technical organizations.  Users can search for technical reports, journal citations, databases, fact sheets and links to other federal websites by clicking on one of 12 subject areas such as  "agriculture and food" or "health and medicine."

FBI's website has a list of the top ten most wanted fugitives, news, information about counterterrorism, a field office locator, descriptions of what kinds of cases the FBI investigates, a history of the FBI, and information about how to become an agent.  The official US Government's website has information for individual citizens, businesses, and government employees.  There are also links to the White House, Senate, House of Representatives, the Supreme Court, and to every government agency and board & commission, as well as links to state governments.  En Español, in other languages
GPO Access  The Government Printing Office's public access site has thousands of free downloads of government documents including the Final Report of the 9/11 Commission, and the Federal Register.  Browse topics including the economy, health, the environment, social programs, education, and more.  Also has a Federal Depository library locator.  All new content has been moved to FDsys.  Please use GPO Access for archival information. has press  releases and news from the President and his staff, recent speeches, and pages of information on issues such as education and homeland security.  There are also photo essays and a history of the White House itself, and biographies of the President, the Vice President, their wives, and more.  In addition, the All American Presidents section lists all the past presidents both chronologically and alphabetically, with brief biographies and an overview of their political careers.    en Español is a great place to start looking for federal grant information.  Search grant opportunities by category or agency, or by keyword.  Download application packets, and find advice in their Customer Support area about applying, get answers to commonly asked questions, and find email and phone contact information.  Ben's Guide to US Government for Kids  Ben's Guide to the US Government for Kids is broken down into 4 grade sections for K-12 students, and another for parents and teachers.  Topics range from US history and the Constitution to how laws are made and what the election process entails. 


Congress & Senate

Biographical Directory of the United States Congress provides the first revision of the Biographical Directory of the American Congress since 1989.  It includes biographies of each of the more than 13,000 individuals who have served in the Congress of the United States since 1789 and in the Continental Congress between 1774 and 1789.  In addition to the biographies of Senators, Representatives, Delegates, Resident Commissioners and Vice Presidents, this information contains guides to research collections and extended bibliographies. Thomas - The Library of Congress Lgislative Information on the Internet from Thomas, at the Library of Congress, has biographies of every representative (past and Current), voting records, partisan websites, government records, election statistics, rules and presidents.
Congress' official website makes it easy to contact your Congressperson, read about current bills, post a letter of concern in the "Soapbox" area, choose a topic such as Social Security, Jobs, Housing, Education, Civil Rights, Defense and many others to research current legislation, or to learn about candidates and their platforms during election years.  The Senate's official website has listings of current and future committee meetings, lists of committee members, records of votes, current and recent legislation that has been introduced or voted on, a helpful guide about the legislative process, the full text of treaties (current and historical), information on lobbying disclosure, a biographical directory, a virtual tour of the Capital, a virtual reference desk, information about the art of the Capital, visitor's information, and much more.
CongressLink CongressLink provides information about the U.S. Congress -- how it works, its members and leaders, and the public policies it produces. CongressLink is directed to teachers of American Government and civics. It is multi-featured, offering original content (including lesson plans and historical materials) and up-to-the-minute information about Congress.  

Federal Courts

The Federal Judiciary website includes links to the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, the District Courts, and Bankruptcy Courts.  There is also information about the court system, including circuit and district maps, explanations of how judges are appointed and judgeships are decided.  The newsroom has news about recent court-related stories, and the library has links to publications and reports, forms, statistical reports, court fees, policies, periodicals and more. The US Department of Justice has links to all federal prisons and all state prisons, information about the Attorney General's office, and general information for citizens about various legal issues such as dispute resolution, immigration, civil rights and liberties, disabilities, domestic violence, and much more.
The Supreme Court's Official website has information about the court, biographies of the Justices, historical information, the docket of current and recent past cases, transcripts of arguments, a listing of court rules, court opinions and orders, the court journal which includes the official minutes of the court,  information about visiting the court, and more.  

South Carolina State Government

S.C. Governor's official website has news and press releases, the latest State of the State address, a listing of cabinet agencies and staff, executive orders, biographies of the Governor and first lady, a photo gallery, and a history of the Governor's mansion.  There is also a link at the top of the page to contact the Governor's office. SLED-South Carolina Law Enforcement Division
The South Carolina Legislature Online - SC Code of Laws this is a list from the SC Legislature of laws by title number, but there is also a search option to find specific words and phrases in the codes.  Also, at the top of this page, you can find the code of regulations, the state constitution, the House & Senate journals, the budget, and more. State of South Carolina offers a vast amount of information, from government links (such as the Governor's office, the SC Constitution, voter registration, taxes, etc.) to education, business, health, public safety, the environment, and tourism.  You will also find links to state job listings, public colleges, hurricane guides, the lottery, consumer information, and much more.
The South Carolina Election Commission's web site offers voter registration information, links to the SC House of Representatives, Constitutional Amendments being voted on in upcoming elections, election statistics, and more. Register to Vote
SC Department of Education  

Spartanburg City & County Government

The official web site of the City of Spartanburg contains information ranging from how to get a business license, to updates on downtown development, as well as links to the City Council, the Chamber of Commerce, and almost every public school.

The official web site of the Spartanburg County Government has links to all the county offices, such as sheriff, treasurer, EMS, the courts, etc.  There is also a list of public meetings, minutes of recent meetings, notices for bids and contracts, tax information, and links to the County Council members.

Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office  

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