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General Consumer Issues

  Consumer Action Website from the Federal Citizen Information Center has advice on everything from repairing your credit report, buying home appliances, and purchasing extended warranties, to choosing a college, as well as contact information for manufacturers and government agencies.  (en Español) from the EPA and the US Department of Energy ranks vehicles according to gas mileage, emissions, air pollution, and safety.  You'll also find tips on how to conserve fuel, and information about hybrid cars, fuel cells, and other new energy-saving technology.
  Consumers International aims to protect all consumers, primarily the poor and marginalized, by addressing international issues such as trade & economics, public health, genetic engineering, corporate social responsibility, global governance, and more.  They represent over 250 organizations in 115 countries. GreenerChoices environmentally safe products and information about recycling
  Consumer's Union helpful guides on credit, lending, banking, and debt.  (en Español) HearUsNow telecommunications and media issues in English and Spanish
  Consumer World covers just about every consumer interest topic imaginable.  Find out where and how to send a complaint to a manufacturer, get product reviews, avoid scams, find the best bargains, get used car histories, learn about recalls, check out state and international agencies, and much more. is the "one stop shop" for finding out about recent government recalls.  Sections include "Consumer Products," "Motor Vehicles," "Boats," "Food," "Medicine," "Cosmetics," and  "Environmental Products."  (en Español)
  Federal Consumer Information Center has a wealth of information for everyone from small business owners to veterans to college students.  You can find out about your social security benefits, what federal grants and scholarships are available, as well as how to eat healthier, what to look for when buying a new car and how to get a better mortgage rate. South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs investigates complaints about SC businesses and alerts citizens to known scams and fraudulent activities.  Register a complaint online, find out how to get rid of telemarketers and junk mail, and more.
  Federal Trade Commission for the Consumer has advice about protecting your identity, shopping from home, avoiding marketing scams, saving money on your utilities, handling credit card debt, how to remove your name from spam or telemarketing lists, and more.  (en Español) US Consumer Product Safety Commission 
Report an unsafe product, find injury statistics, learn about recalls and child safety, and more.
Product Reviews
  CNET has reviews of computers from hardware to software to peripherals, and electronics such as cell phones, televisions, and games.  They also cover services and free downloadable software, and their shopping section will alert you to the latest price drops and clearance items. Digital Photography Review has thousands of in-depth digital camera reviews, including sample shots from each camera utilizing it's various features.  They also have a very helpful "Learn" section aimed at beginners as well as advanced users, a buying guide, and full information sheets on specific cameras and lighting and image techniques, as well as an extensive glossary.
  Consumer Reports online has all the information of the magazine and a lot more.  Although most of the product reviews are available only to registered users, there is a good deal of free information from how to shop for an appliance, to what to do if an item is recalled.  note:  Each branch of the library carries "Consumer Reports" magazine. Good Housekeeping gives their famous Seal of Approval to only the best products and services.  On their site you'll find their product test results, including safety and taste tests, as well as their suggestions for the best cars, personal, and household products.
  Consumer Search reviews the reviewers to tell you what several different sources have to say about a product or service, and how in depth each review went.  Do Consumer Reports, Good Housekeeping and ZDNet all agree on the computer you've got your eye on?  Find out here.  Search a dozen categories from "Automotive" to "Heath & Fitness". ZDNet offers professional and user reviews for computers, cameras, software, wireless services, printers, scanners, phones, and more.  They also review downloadable software such as firewall protection, image editing, etc., and they have technology news, jobs, application reviews, and more.

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